I recently returned from the annual Yankee Dental Conference in Boston which attracts attendees from around the world.

I was intrigued by two all-day orthodontic lectures I took on consecutive days.  Each was given by internationally recognized lecturers.  They were authors, academics and who also had private practices.

The issue was that each produced outstanding results …… with diametrically opposite philosophies of treatment.  One contradicted the other.  One used “high tech” modalities; while the other did not.  While I believe each could learn from the other, the final results produced the same beautiful smile, a healthy bite and a pleasing facial balance.

The “take away” lesson is that there is no magical, latest-and-greatest technique.  Rather, it is more importanta to find a well-trained, experienced orthodontist who you trust and feel a connection who treats you and your concerns with as much attention as you do.

You should feel confident the staff happily goes the extra mile to help you and listens to you and are there to make one of your many stops during the day as pleasant as possible.

After all, orthodontic treatment is a long term relationship.  It starts with the experience you get from the first phone call to the sad good bye at the end of treatment … although you are never gone in our hearts.