Meet Dr Joseph Yamin

I have found it a privilege and a thrill to be an orthodontist. The joy comes from the individuals and families I have encountered and the lasting relationships that have been built. I love the fact that my practice spans a wide range of ages and all the different personalities that accompany each. Most of all, it is the upbeat attitudes and smiles on a daily basis that enrich my life. We all have a sense of pursuing common goals and working together to put the gift of a great smile on each person’s face.


Bachelor of Science degree at Assumption College
Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at Tufts University Dental School
Certificate in Orthodontics at Tufts University Dental School Orthodontic Program

Continuing Education

Orthodontics is never routine, since so many new techniques and technologies are unfolding. The best aspect of practicing orthodontics is that this profession is constantly changing. The challenge for me is to sort out the hype from the truly useful. We strive to bring the most value to the families we treat. I regularly participate in continuing education courses as a way to offer my patients all the benefits of the latest, proven techniques in orthodontics.

Our Team

We believe orthodontic treatment consists of an ongoing relationship with our patients. Each individual deserves to feel, and be, the total focus of attention of the entire staff when arriving for every visit. If our patients have not smiled, laughed, or been made to feel special, then we haven’t done our job. We are here for our patients, and we want everybody who comes to our practice to feel welcome.

Outside of the Practice

I spent my early years growing up in Torrington, Connecticut, and now reside in Leominster with my wife, Maureen. We have three grown, married sons, and we are the proud grandparents of six grandsons and two granddaughters. I have a great appreciation for the arts, and in my free time I enjoy oil painting, drumming, and most outdoor activities/sports.

Community involvement has always played a major role in my professional and private life. I believe that it is my duty to help make the community in which I live and have my practice become better.  I enjoy participating in a variety of community activities, including having coached basketball and baseball teams, volunteering my time to youth organizations, and supporting a number of charities, especially school based activities.


Many warmhearted stories have been written about the role of dogs in our daily lives. For those of you who did not know Ranger, he was a wonderful dog. Ranger was a Shepherd, Labrador, and Chow mix. My oldest son adopted Ranger out of a shelter while in college.  As he advanced in his education he could no longer take Ranger with him. My wife and I adopted Ranger, with a lot of hesitation, feeling that having a dog would restrict our time and freedom; plus we never had a pet previously.

Almost immmediatelywe find out that having Ranger around was hardly a burden.  In fact, Ranger’s mere presence was a gift of unparalleled joy. Ranger was a constant companion, He was everybody’s soul mate, and he created everlasting warmth in the hearts of those who knew him.

Sadly, Ranger developed cancer, and after receiving surgery, radiation, and medication, he passed away.  However, the effort gave Ranger, and all who loved him, eighteen more months.  Where once we feared a life with Ranger, it’s now sad to live life without him.  He was the the best to wake up to in the morning and the best with which to end the day. It’s hard to understand just how much one dog can change your life, but for those of you who have experienced this, you know you are blessed beyond what words can describe.