With over 30 years of experience in treating TMJ (tempromandibular joint) problems, the first and most important step is to simply LISTEN carefully and attentively to your comments. RELIEF OF PAIN is always the first priority.

TMJ is a non-specific term. It describes a variety of ailments. My role is to find the SPECIFIC condition you have and initiate appropriate treatment. Just because you have clicking in the jaw joints does not mean you have a TMJ problem.

Obtaining a comprehensive MEDICAL and DENTAL history is vital. The same is true for DIAGNOSTIC records.

Working with other health professionals may be needed. Keeping everyone updated is critical in taking a TEAM APPROACH. Explaining your condition using VISUAL AIDES will educate and inform you to the point where you become an active participant in your imprevement.

*Splint therapy
*Physical therapy
*Massage therapy
*Street management
*Holistic modalities
*Combinations of the above
*No treatment
Our office cares as much as you in seeing you GET BETTER QUICKLY!