iTero (Intra Oral Digital Scanner)

itero imageWhenever there is a new technology that is a proven benefit and not just “Bells and Whistles”, our office wants to take advantage of it for the benefit of our family of patients.

The iTero scanner is on such innovation.  It takes a digitalized set of images of the upper and lower teeth to produce an incredibly accurate duplication of the size, shape and position of the teeth.

This is done without the use of traditional “goopy” impressions (molds) of the teeth.  The best use of the scanner is for taking a scan of the teeth for use in treatment using Invisalign.

The demand for treatment by teens and adults has sky rocketed in our office.  Also, everyone who wants Invisalign seems to want start as soon as possible.

The fun part is that you can actually see your own mouth on the monitor and see what can be done to it by the different views and manipulation of digital images.  You can even have the images sent to your personal email.

Our office believes the incorporation of scanner technology in this regard is the present and future of dentistry in all forms, and orthodontics in particular.

We are always happy to hear any questions you may have.