Invisalign: A Popular Choice

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen have become the major focus of my practice. We are soon to be designated by Invisalign as being an Elite provider status. This means our office is in the top 1% in the world for the number of cases treated.

My staff and I continue to expand our knowledge and skills in the use of these clear aligner technology. I have been with Invisalign since 1998 and watch it evolve from limited applicability to addressing a wide variety of malocclusions and even complex ones.

Our special expertise, especially being an experienced orthodontist, has allowed me to be a better experienced Invisalign provider. Even some general dentists are very surprised to learn that Invisalign can be used on such problems as:

1. Protruding teeth

2. Closed bite

3. Uneven jaw growth

4.  Underbite

5. Removal of teeth for severe crowding

6. Jaw surgery

The use of the iTero digital scanner has been an invaluable asset to successful diagnosis treatment planning.

I believe this clear, highly cosmetic and virtually hidden “braces” method of treatment is a perfect alternative for those who do not want traditional braces, whether the braces are clear or metal.