One of the helpful and useful technical innovations which we have incorporated into our practice is the iTERO INTRAORAL  DIGITAL SCANNER.  This device takes a three dimensional view of the size, shape and positions of all teeth from all angles.  This takes the place of manual impressions which require mixing alignate or a PVS material, placing it into a tray and holding it in the mouth until set.

The actual procedure takes approximately ten minutes.  Immediately thereafter, you see your actual teeth and how they come together.

Even more exciting, you can see a computer simulation of how your smile will look like after treatment with either Invisalign or braces.

With digital imaging, I can

  1. See how different treatment options would look like prior to any actual treatment
  2. See before and after simulations of your smile
  3. Email and communicate information to you and your dentist
  4. Assess progress while in treatment
  5. Troubleshoot any issues if problems arise during treatment

Digital Scanner technology is here to stay and grow in its application for orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.